Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've really been thinking of opening up my own etsy shop lately, mostly filled with crochet horror related items. Last night I finished up my slit throat choker which turned out quite nicely. I have plenty of ideas for other things. The problem is I just wonder if any of it will sell..hmmm.
Well as of late I have been really wanting to decorate a house, but not my house. I really want to move into a larger size house so I can decorate/organize everything. It would be rad to paint each room a different color/have themes. So many ideas and no space right now :-( Just wondering how many more years we will have to wait till we can have a nice house. A house where I can have a bunch of people over for a party, a house where everything is neat and organized, and a house that I truly love. Oh well I guess I will have to dream right now.

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