Friday, December 30, 2011

I have been trying out some looks, hopefully I can sometime soon build up my make up portfolio.
I decided to go with a green eyeshadow and a magenta lip color.

On christmas I did a look similar to this but added some red and gold sparkles.

These pictures are crappy phone pics but I'm going to start taking pictures with a better camera for my portfolio. I'm also looking to start getting into special effects make up as well so I will need willing candidates who want to look like they stepped out of a horror movie <3
I got a giftcard to ulta this christmas so you know what that means..more make up and hair dye :-) I'm pretty sure that $50 will be gone in one trip.
On a different note, I have completed my recent crochet project. A twisted turban headband. Kind of reminds me of the headwraps they had in the 1920s .
So yeah thats what I have been up to lately. Hope everyone had a good christmas. I'm not quite sure what I am doing for New Years eve but I am more looking forward to My birthday(Jan 6th)/the day after. Having a big get together at a sushi restaurant with friends. I am really hoping atleast some of my friends make an appearance, if not I will atleast have a good time eating sushi with my sis (its also her birthday, yay for being twins). I will try to post pics after the event, if anyone shows up that is lol

Gabby Disaster

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've really been thinking of opening up my own etsy shop lately, mostly filled with crochet horror related items. Last night I finished up my slit throat choker which turned out quite nicely. I have plenty of ideas for other things. The problem is I just wonder if any of it will sell..hmmm.
Well as of late I have been really wanting to decorate a house, but not my house. I really want to move into a larger size house so I can decorate/organize everything. It would be rad to paint each room a different color/have themes. So many ideas and no space right now :-( Just wondering how many more years we will have to wait till we can have a nice house. A house where I can have a bunch of people over for a party, a house where everything is neat and organized, and a house that I truly love. Oh well I guess I will have to dream right now.