Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So I've decided to start blogging again. Its just easier then always posting long updates on facebook.
I will be posting about music, crafts, videos and more.
To start my first post off I have been trying to work on alot lately to keep myself busy. I really want to focus on my music and new hobbies. Thinking about going into make up and special fx make up. Though the fear of going to school and ending up in debt that would take me years to pay off scares me. Especially when I need to save up for a new car and a house. My goal music wise is to have a band again. I would love to have my own home "studio" where I can make music on my own. It feels like thats what I need to do right now. If only I could find band members *sigh*. I just made a new amazon wish list for christmas, so crossing my fingers maybe I will receive some of this stuff for christmas haha.

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